Save 1% when you trade in your home.

Buy any home on the market and sell your current home to Properly - all in one experience.

How Trade-Ins Work

  1. Request an offer on your current home.

    Skip listing, showings, and months of uncertainty. Receive an offer for your home in 2 business days at no cost or obligation to you.
    Your home address
  2. Find your next home.

    Browse and buy a home with Properly to save 1% (that’s $5,000 on a $500,000 home!).
  3. Choose your dates.

    Avoid multiple mortgages and multiple moves. We’ll help you coordinate your sale and purchase dates.

Why Trade-In?

All-in-one experience
No need to worry about timing your purchase with your sale. We’ll provide a single simplified experience to help you do both together.
Save thousands of dollars
Our trade-in program allows us to work more efficiently and the savings get passed along to you. You’ll save 1% on the sale of your home!
Get a competitive offer
We predict and offer the price that your home will sell on the market. With our Price Match Guarantee, you receive money back if we sell your home for more.
No risk, get a guaranteed sale
We’ll remove the uncertainty of a deal falling through so that you can focus on buying your dream home.

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