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Ursula M

Calgary, AB

Ursula and her family were closing the purchase of a new home, and hadn't yet been able to sell their old home. Faced with overlapping mortgages and busy work and family schedules, they came to Properly.

To have little children, and grandma living with us, it made regular life and going to work very challenging while trying to sell. Properly made selling our house a seamless process and let me focus on everything else in my life.

Frik B

Calgary, AB

Frik, his wife and their two young daughters wanted to move before the start of the school year so they could be closer to his daughter's new school. After having their home listed unsuccessfully for a few months, September was only a few weeks away. Frik came to Properly, who gave him a fair-market offer in 24 hours and helped him close a sale on his schedule.

I had a lot of stress to sell our house. As the dad, I feel responsible for the financial well-being of the family. I opened the door, and Properly made it happen for me.

Sherry M

Calgary, AB

Sherry, a retired lawyer, was selling a home that she had maintained for her daughter and her daughter's caregivers. The home was now vacant, and she came to Properly to avoid the work and time required to sell the home using the traditional process.

Selling your home requires a lot of time and cost for you to invest. Not just your ongoing costs, but also the emotional investment. Are you interested in a 6-month process, or something that can be done in 2-weeks and have the headache gone?

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