How Properly works for you

Selling your home has never been easier. Find out exactly what your home is worth, sell it to us, and get paid in just a few days.

What to expect:

Request your offer

Tell us about your home online - it only takes a minute.

We prepare your offer

We’ll prepare a fair-market offer in as little as 48 hours. A member of our team may arrange an in-home visit to refine our offer.

Evaluate your offer

A Properly Experience Manager will send you your offer, and explain every detail.

Finalize your offer

We’ll arrange a third-party home inspection, at no cost to you. We’ll share the results and provide you with a final offer.

Close the deal, get paid

Pick your move-out and close dates. You’ll receive an all-cash payment and can move on stress-free.

What happens once Properly owns my home?

We’ll take on the rest! If we ultimately resell your home for more than we paid for it, you could get paid too thanks to the Properly Price Match Guarantee! See our Pricing page for more details.

Selling made fast, simple and convenient.

A traditional sale can take months. With Properly, you’ll get a fair-market offer and can close by the end of the week.

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The Traditional Way

Sell and get paid

Request and receive a fair-market offer. Free home inspection. Close and get paid.

Days 1-7
Who’s your realtor?

Receive bids. Interview. Wait.

Days 8-14
Is your home sale-ready?

Spend time and money on repairs, cleaning, staging and photos.

Days 15-45
Finally time to list?

Forced to vacate your home for open houses or showings. Wait for offers. Possibly drop your price.

Days 46-50
Ready to negotiate?

Potential for more repairs, buyer inspection and offer falling through. Start over if it does.

Days 75+
Closing time?

30+ days until you actually close. Move out and clean before you get paid.

Request an offer in minutes:

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